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University College London (UCL) is the leading UK based KD research centre. Professor Linda Greensmith runs a laboratory that focuses on motor neurone disease, with a small team who work solely on Kennedy’s Disease research. This department needs funding so more trials and research can take place – they want to find a cure for Kennedy’s Disease as much as we do.

Have a look at the links below to see more detailed information about the team at UCL and the fantastic work they are carrying out.

UCL Research

Finding objective measures of disease progression is crucial in order to effectively evaluate the effect of drugs in clinical trials. The team at UCL is carrying out a study using skeletal muscle MRI to find a sensitive way to measure disease progression. KD patients will undergo a first MRI scan and detailed strength assessment and then repeat this after 12 months. This study builds on the unique expertise in muscle imaging developed at Queen Square in the MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Disorders.

10 KD sufferers will volunteer and they will undergo 2 MRI scans over a 12-month period. This research is a first worldwide and we eagerly await their findings. Watch this space for more information.

Below are some facts and figures to help you understand why funding is needed at UCL and where it goes too.



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Patient Study


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Academic Study


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